Young Israel of Bedford Bay - The Friendly Community Shul
Young Israel of Bedford Bay - The Friendly Community Shul

Charity & Donations



There are many opportunities to give charity to the needy in the community. Funds are collected before holidays such as Passover, Sukkot, and Purim. Year-round, members can contribute to the Tzedaka Fund, and during weekday shacharit, there are pushkes for Magen David Adom and individuals who come in-person to the shul.





There are many opportunities to donate various monetary amounts to the shul:

$18 Shabbos afternoon youth groups
$54 seudat shlishit
$65 haskama minyan kiddush
$100 kiddush
$125 tree of life leaf (in the Haring St. lobby)
$2,500 window in the main sanctuary (only seven windows remain left to donate)
$X donations of any amount accepted and appreciated


Donations can be made with checks or cash. We are currently figuring out a method for online/app donations.


Donations may be mailed to
Young Israel of Bedford Bay and Madison
2114 Brown Street
Brooklyn, NY 11229

or brought to the office at the prceding address or put in the mailbox in the lobby immediately upon entering the Brown St. building.

Contact Us Today!

Young Israel of Bedford Bay

2114 Brown St.
Brooklyn, NY 11229

Phone: +1 718 332 4120 +1 718 332 4120



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