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We plan to reopen our swimming pool to members by the end of 11/2023.


We are working on a game night to occur every two weeks. If you are interested, please contact us to let us know your preference for night of the week and which games you would like to play.


A sunday morning crafts group is being planned.


Shabbos afternoon youth groups are in full swing! More information in the Youth Activities tab. Sponsorships are available for $18.

vegetable garden in front of the shul has been planted and is thriving, and is being harvested for youth groups.




-We have contracted a waterproofing company to replace the lintels over the windows in the Brown Street building and waterproof the parapet walls on the roof.

This work must be done as every time it rains, water spills into the classrooms and, obviously, this must be rectified as the school complains about this issue every time it rains.

The cost of the repair is $40,000

We are asking that you do your best and please donate to our Building Fund to help defray the cost of this effort.

Please make out a check to the Young Israel and put into the Memo the words "Building Fund"


-The first opportunity for Kiddush Levanah was Thursday evening, November 16th. The final opportunity in the USA is Monday, November 27th at 6:18 PM


-Actions that can be taken regarding the current conflict with Hamas are listed at the bottom of this page.


Kiddush sponsored by



  • Yossie & Tova Klayn in honor of their granddaughters
    -Michael & Sofia's daughter, Yehudis Perel,  upon her bas mitzvah
    -Gary & Sarah's daughters, Naavah Rina who is in the IDF
    -Yakira Meira who is in Seminary in Israel 
  • David & Rebecca Koyf upon the 2nd yahrzeit of her mother, Mania bas Yankel, a'h .


  • Eugene & Margarita Vais in memory of his mother & her father.



Groups sponsored by



  • The Lopin family.
  • The Kevelson family in the merit of more kids coming to groups.


  • The Lopin family.
  • Sarah Baum in memory of her mother Bluma bat Yaakov.



Seudat shilishit sponsored by



  • Sarah Baum in memory of her mother Bluma bat Yaakov.
  • Vicky and Max Lew for the yahrtzeit of Max’s mother Sheina Michla bas Mordechai HaLevi a”h.

  • Heshy and Esther Halpern in memory of her father Avrohom Yaakov ben Zev a”h.


  • Mrs. Lily Klein in memory of her father Meir ben Yitzchak, a'h 

  • Mrs. Eileen Sheff in memory of her husband Yisrael ben Avraham Yosef

  • Moshe & Rachel Uretsky for the safe return of our hostages 

  • Mrs. Henie Septimius in memory of her father Louis Lippman, Alter Yomtov Lipa ben Alexander, a'h 

Action Regarding the Current Conflict with Hamas
Some things are so very easy to do  and are extremely important, like writing quick emails both thanking and protesting to politicians & university heads. 

Dr Rochelle Ford, President of Dillard University spoke at the rally, passionately and unreservedly against the rise of anti-semitism. She is getting an enormous backlash from people on campuses across the country to retract her support of Israel.

Please take a moment to call her office and leave a message thanking her for her support and conviction.


This is easy !!!!!— one click auto email at each link 

Attached are links to emails urging university administrators to cancel their scheduled screenings of the antisemitic film Israelism. Please click links, sign and send. 


Urge Yale to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


Urge UPenn to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


Urge the University of Akron to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


Urge Oberlin College to cancel screening of antisemetic film Israelism:


Urge Middlebury College to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


Urge Emory University to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


Urge The University of Toronto to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


Urge Wesleyan University to cancel screening of antisemitic film Israelism:


11/29, University of Windsor, Canada, Office of the VP People, Equity and Inclusion -


Dan Goldman – is a Democratic Congressman for NY’s 10th district. He has been an unapologetic supporter for Israel, often against the wishes of many in his very “progressive” constituents. Recently, he was one of the 22 Dems who voted to censure fellow Dem Rashida Tlaib for her continues use of antisemitic and genocidal slogans and language. His office is getting bombarded with angry letters and emails voicing support for Tlaib and for other anti-Israel subjects. He could use our support. Please click on the below link which will autogenerate a support email that his office is collecting - ( ( More importantly, please pass this along to anyone you know who pro-Israel and anti-Jew hate. Am Yisrael Chai!!

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