Young Israel of Bedford Bay - The Friendly Community Shul
Young Israel of Bedford Bay - The Friendly Community Shul

This week's schedule



Yom Kippur Schedule

Wednesday, September 15th

  Mincha: 3:oo pm

  Light Candles: 6:45 pm

  Kol Nidre upstairs: 6:55 pm

  Kol Nidre downstairs: 7:05 pm

Thursday, September 16th

  Shacharis: 8:00 am

  Yizkor downstairs: 10:45 am

  Yizkor upstairs: 11:15 am

  Mincha  upstairs: 5:10 pm

  Mincha downstairs: 5:35 pm

  Neilah upstairs: 6:30 pm

  Neilah downstairs: 6:45 pm

  Yom Kippur Ends: 7:52 pm

Friday, September 17tn

 Light Candles: 6:42 pm

  Mincha: 6:50 pm

Shabbos, September 18th

  Shacharis:  7:15 & 8:45 am

  Mincha: 6:35 pm

  Shabbos Ends: 7:502 pm


Schedule of Shiurim


Daf Yomi - Mon thru Fri

After Shacharis

Given by Rabbi Fireworker


Rabbi Fried's Shiur

Wednesday by Zoom

Sunday after Shacharis


Rabbi Gissinger's Shiur

Tuesday at 7:00 pm Zoom





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Young Israel of Bedford Bay

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