Young Israel of Bedford Bay - The Friendly Community Shul
Young Israel of Bedford Bay - The Friendly Community Shul

Youth Activities

Youth Groups
Shabbos afternoon youth groups occur each Shabbos. Activities include games interactive games, the playground in our yard, toys, stories, songs, and healthy snacks. Groups take place in the social hall (basement of Brown St. building) between two hours before mincha until mincha. (Mincha is 25 minutes before sunset, so groups run between 2 hours and 20 minutes before sunset until 25 minutes before sunset.)


Youth Library
The lobby between our two buildings houses a youth library: a library that's actually open on Shabbos! The library contains dozens of both Judaic and secular books sure to suit the interests of children of any age.

Crafts Group

A sunday morning crafts group is being planned.

Seasonal events include our sukka hop and gardening.


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Young Israel of Bedford Bay

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